The Visage Membership

$97.50 / 30 days

This membership has all your skin needs catered for 12 months of maintaining a wrinkle free and glowing complexion from just $22.75 per week gst inclusive. Receive 20% percent off all dermal fillers and additional skin treatments all year round, exclusive to Visage VIP Membership clients only.


Annual Inclusions

3 x Anti-Wrinkle treatments. After 8 weeks of membership, you can redeem your first anti-wrinkle treatment. This membership is designed to work as a no-lock in contract. The regions include Frontalis, Lateral Orbicularis and Glabella Regions/ Otherwise commonly known as the forehead, frown and crow’s feet. Three full anti-wrinkle treatments throughout the year are included however must be a minimum of 3 months apart.

3 x LED Light Therapies – redeemable every time you have your anti-wrinkle treatment. The different lights work to accelerate skin circulation for anti-aging with no side effects. There are multiple different choices that use different wavelength settings to target specific skin issues such as redness, pigmentation and can help repair damaged cells.

No lock in contract so that at any stage should you wish to discontinue within the 12 months you can unsubscribe however to maximise the benefits and VIP discounts it is highly recommended to take advantage of being a member to visage Mediclinic. The membership will also cover any required prescription fees during your consultation.

In addition to saving over $300 on your anti-wrinkle treatments throughout the year, free LED light therapy treatments and a manageable payment plan you receive exclusive discounts on:

20% off Instore cosmeceuticals

20% off all dermal fillers

20% off any additional skin treatments

(Applicable from the start of your membership)

Terms and Conditions

  • The visage membership is designed to run for 12 months. Visage retains the right to choose which anti-wrinkle medication is suited for everyone as per consultation with the medical doctor.
  • Should you wish not to continue the subscription at the end of the term please notify the provider with 14 days’ notice.
  • Should you wish to change or cancel your payment arrangements or defer/alter/stop or cancel please call Visage Mediclinic on 0488008280. Once the subscription has been stopped the entitlements to the treatments that have not been used or claimed will be void and ceased at the time of cancellation.
  • If you change bank provider or wish to change the direct debit information, please advise us of these amendments.
  • We may suspend your account, subscription or membership until any outstanding payments have been made. You may also be charged a dishonor fee to cover administration costs for the collection of any defaulting payment under this agreement.
  • Any information provided to us including your financial information is confidential.