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Where do I begin? Talking about oneself is never an easy task! I suppose if I dig really deep, it all began when I was sitting at the hospital beside my Mother, who had been really unwell. At the time, I was studying a Bachelor of Architecture at The University of Queensland, having not long finished high school. I graduated from Southside Christian College in Salisbury QLD in 2004 as School Dux.

It wasn’t an unfamiliar scene at that hospital bedside. At the age of 7, my mother had a life-threatening health condition called diverticulitis. We were asked to say goodbye to her as, by the time they found the cause of her illness, she had already undergone a few emergency surgeries, she was unstable, and her prognosis was looking poor as she was being taken into surgery again, and they believed she would not make it. This was like an out-of-body experience: I remember standing by her bed crying and just feeling completely helpless.

Fast forward a few years, and here I found myself again. At a bedside unable to help, it was like a lightbulb turned on, a spark was ignited. My heart decided there, perhaps before I even realized it myself, that this was the path and journey I was meant to be on – helping others. So there on, I dropped out of architecture and enrolled in a Bachelor of Nursing.

Designing a build for something that might end up in a glossy magazine someday just suddenly seemed so uninspiring, and there began my journey to dedicating my life to helping others in the health care setting. I used to tell patients when asked why I wanted to be a Nurse, it was because I get paid, go home feeling like I have made a difference and, best of all, I get brownie points in Heaven!

There is nothing more rewarding than feeling like you have compassionately taken care of someone in need. I spent many years working in the private radiology setting as a Nurse manager. I still strive to make a difference in other avenues outside of my workday.

A few years ago, I began facilitating hampers for a community called The Nurtured Village. We set out wanting to bridge the gap from hospital to home for new mothers to help reduce the incidence of postnatal depression. In so many other cultures after having a baby, the community has very strong traditions where often the mother will rest in bed for a month. She does not get up, cook, clean, or do anything other than bond and rest with her baby. I was inspired by this.

In today’s society, we can feel so isolated and disconnected from our closest friends, especially when welcoming a new life into the world. These are some of the most magical and most challenging days of our lives. The support networks are not as strong as what they could be. Recently we officially became registered as a ‘not for profit’ organization, and I’m excited to see where this will take our little community on the northern Gold Coast.

But how does all this fit into my little clinic? I have always been inspired to have my own business one day and create a work-life balance of my own. I have three gorgeous children Landen 12, Addison 3, and Theo 1. I continue to work part-time in Radiology as a sonographer for Queensland Health, as I completed a Graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound in 2019. I love my job there; I get to connect with a lot of expecting women, and I’m very passionate about women’s health and obstetrics in particular.

Having my own cosmetic business enables me to have a platform in order to be able to help others have access to affordable Skin Rejuvenation treatments that are backed by research. I use the best of the industry’s medical-grade equipment and love educating and supporting others to become the best version of themselves. I began studying a diploma of Cosmetic Nursing in 2017, as all of my interventional radiology knowledge from Nursing went hand in hand with this area. I was inspired by the human integumentary system and how it functions, as well as creating facial symmetry in the realm of Skin Rejuvenation.

So here I am, doing something for myself that I truly love. Visage represents my dream to be a female business owner in a competitive industry. I pride myself on delivering excellent care tailored to each unique individual. I have studied with Allergan, Galderma, Gray Clay, and the Australasian Academy of Dermal Science, focusing on Skin Rejuvenation techniques and treatments. I’m excited to now have this platform to harness my creative energy, years of knowledge and experience, and be able to continue my journey of helping others in this new and exciting avenue of Skin Rejuvenation.

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VISAGE Mediclinic lady having Skin Rejuvenation treatment
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